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Tanning Lotions





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Instant Bronzers

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  • These bronzing blends ensure unmatched, drastic, quick tanning results. 

  • Instant bronzers deliver dark results while working with DHA for a longer lasting golden hue.

  • With advanced bronzing recipes that mean the quickest bronze imaginable. 

Natural Bronzers

  • Our natural bronzing lotion blends deliver a subtle instant tan.

  • Caramel bronzers within natural bronzers provide a soft glow without the risk of streaks.

  • Work wonderfully over time to build and amazing bronze.

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  • Our maximizers have the best active ingredients that bring amazing results.

  • The lotions delayed bronzer effect means absolutely streak-free application.

  • Ultimate bronzing appears over a gradual tanning regimen.

Hot Actions

  • Tingle actions are best for the bold and experience tanner, looking for something more.

  • Bring a new level of bronze and turn up the heat with sizzle complex recipes.

  • Witness a blazing bronze, hotter than you have experienced before.

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  • All of our premier moisturizers extend the life and luster of your tan, adding depth to your golden glow.

  • While giving dramatic skin hydration and nourishment through top ingredients.

  • For results you can see and feel, our after sun-care moisturizers keep skin ultra-soft.

Tanning Add-Ons

  • From leg lotions, face lotions, and so much more, our salons carry every add-on you'll ever need to achieve your dream bronze.

  • Selection on sunless product to work in harmony with your Versa Sunless spray.

  • View our Pac Sun Tour Combo and receive a designer skin packed gift back with your purchase.

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